20 Steps to Make Your Home Look Like A Model Home

There are some tips that you can use now to make your home look like a model home. I am serious! It isn’t as hard as you might think.

1. Float your furniture. Move your furniture away from the walls. More often than not, you will make your room look more inviting and more accessible.

 floating living room

2. Get more lighting. One thing that sets model homes apart from everyone else’s homes is the lighting. Use dimmers, use lamps, and track lighting. Layering the different types of light in the room is key. The rule of thumb is 100 watts per 50 square feet.

living room pics

3. Find your inspiration. This is how many designers start out their designs for model homes using one object. It may be a swatch of fabric or a piece of art or even a piece of pottery. Use that item to find your color and design scheme.

Artwork pic

4. Paint. A lot of model homes really rev up their spaces with just paint. They have painted something special on the walls almost using the painted wall as art. Other times, they will paint an accent wall. Two words of caution on accent walls. First, make sure the accent wall contrasts enough with your main wall color. Second, make sure you pick the right wall to be the accent wall, don’t pick some sliver of a wall or a wall that is to the side of the room away from the focal point of the room.

Accent wall pic

5. Plants. Many model homes have plants in the home. Plants bring the outdoors in!

room with plants

6. Bookshelves. Lots of model home have a library area filled with books that look fabulous. We all know that books are expensive to use only as a prop. You know what they do? They visit thrift stores and by books based upon the color of the cover. Never leave the paper sleeve on it.

home library pics

7. Choose fabulous tile. Most of the model homes look like they have really upscale kitchens. If you look at the details, most of the money is spent in the back splash tiles. They find fabulous tiles to put up and it adds a classy and upscale touch to the kitchen. Don’t forget you can use just a little bit of tile in a shower on the back wall in the center or make stripes.


8. Window Treatments. Drapes can be hugely expensive. They don’t have to be. In most model home, they only add drapery panels on either side of the window. They do not cover the entire window, but simply frame it.

panels window treatments

9. Candles. This is a standard in most model homes, especially in bathrooms. Get pillar candles and make sure to light the wick. It’s the small touches that make your home look lived in and not just trying to look like a generic home.

bathroom with candles

10. Clutter. Get rid of the clutter. There is no clutter in model homes. Just adhere to a place for everything and everything in its place.

Put it down

11. Molding. Many of these model homes have crown molding and chair rails. Use the molding in new ways to. Use it to make vertical divides under a chair rail and paint those areas two different colors.


12. Accessorize your stairway. Don’t forget to accessorize your stairwell. Place a collection of picture frames, art, metal pieces, etc.

stairwell pictures

13. Use artwork as a headboard. Many times it is too expensive to buy a headboard, but you don’t have to. Buy three pieces of art. Get large pillow and hang your artwork higher than the artwork so you don’t hit your head on it.

artwork headboard

14. Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows on the master bedroom bed. Usually about 7 pillows will do the job. Two large in the back, next three smaller ones, then two more even smaller ones.


15. Artwork. You will need to put up artwork behind your couch, over the bed, on either side of a mirror, over the fireplace, over a dresser.

bedroom with artwork

16. Murals. Murals are very nice to use in kid’s rooms. Pick a theme and if you can’t afford someone to paint one, use decals. There are many available now that look spectacular. Divine Elements of Design offers custom vinyl wall decor. We have various styles, designs, and colors. Check out examples at  http://www.divineelementsofdesign.net/products/custom-vinyl-wall-decor/ 


17. Flooring. Delineate you spaces with area rugs. Pick interesting flooring to jazz up a space.


18. Use common items as a headboard. In a kid’s room that has a theme, use regular everyday items as a headboard. For example, if your child is interested in tennis, use tennis rackets staggered.

tennis racket headboard

19. Built-Ins. You can do this yourself. Come up with a design and build it. These are usually very basic and trimmed with molding.


20. Accessories. Add accessories around your house in sets of odd numbers like a set of three. It is more and pleasing to your eye.

living room with accessories


I hope you are able to use these suggestions to help transform your home. As always, Divine Elements of Design is able to assist you in all your interior decorating needs. 

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  1. Vanessa
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 08:28:09

    We float our couches and we love it.



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