10 Closet Organization Tips


1) Store cloths with “sentimental” value in another location. Keep your autographed jersey or shirt from your first date separate from your everyday cloths.
2) If you haven’t worn it in a year, remove it from your closet. Conduct a closet rehab twice a year.
3) Use the same style hangers for a uniform look. “NO WIRE HANGERS!!!” Wood or velvet hangers are an excellent choice.
4) If it doesn’t fit perfectly, remove it from your daily closet. You are less likely to wear an item that doesn’t fit properly.
5) Iron cloths before putting them away. When deciding what to wear the next day, having to iron cloths can make your choice for you.
6) Keep like items together. Long sleeve button down shirts, polo style shirts, blazers, work pants, etc… It’s easier to put items away when they have a home.
7) Remove out of season clothes from your closet. Winter sweaters and tweed suits should be removed for spring and summer.
8) Keep a donation box handy or in a near room. Occasionally toss items in the box as you find items to donate. When the box is full, donate it. No stress on timing.
9) Sort by color.
10) Accessories such as shoes, scarfs, and belts should be organized in their own section.


Flooring Tip Friday

April Rug

Create a visual effect with a vibrant rug in your home. Remember to always purchase a good rug pad to extend the life of your rug and protect the floor underneath.

10 Guest Room Must Haves!!


1) Guest Towels – Have a set or two of guest towels readily available in your guest room. I like to also provide small toiletries for my guests. The basic things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and shampoo can be a time saver for your guest.

2) Comfortable Bedding and Plenty of Pillows – Provide your guests with multiple pillows, extra blankets, and high thread count sheets. Although there is no place like home, a nice comfortable bed is the next best thing.

3) Reading Material – Often, our out of town guests may not be able to fall fast asleep or just want to read a local magazine to learn about local attractions. I keep a few books and magazines available.

4) Nightstand – A traditional nightstand or small table near the bed is a great choice for guests. The table can hold the bedside lighting and a place for your guest to sit and charge their cell phone.

5) Small Writing Table or Desk with Chair – Offer your guests a place to sit to use their laptop or write post cards or letters. It’s also a great idea to have a few postage ready post cards for your guests. All they’ll have to do is insert the recipients name and address.

6) Water – Your guests may not want to roam the house and invade the kitchen in the middle of the night. Its a great idea to have bottled water and a few snacks available for your guests.

7) Clock – An easy to see clock is a must for your guests, especially if your guests are from a different time zone.

8) A Place for Luggage / Clothes – Provide our guest with a place to store their luggage and unpack their clothes.

9) TV / Internet – A small television is great for your guests. Consider purchasing a wifi blu-ray player or Roku (media streaming player) in lieu of cable or satellite. Your guests will be able to watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, or other internet services. Consider a small card with your wifi passwords and tv channel settings printed on it.

10) Mirror – A behind the door mirror if perfect if there is no room on your wall for a mirror.

We hope you enjoy these 10 Guest Room Must Haves!!! Check out our Guest Room Tour Here

What is the Decorator’s Voice?

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Freedom Filer Winner Announced!!!


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Flooring Tip Friday

High-heel-damaged-floor high heel on wood floor

Although we love the look of high heel shoes, politely ask your guests to remove them when walking on your hard wood floors. The tips of the heels can damage your floors.

Freedom Filer, Brother Labeler, and Home Office Accessories Giveaway


Several months ago, we did a product review of the Freedom Filer filing kit. It led to great reviews. Now, we are giving away a Freedom Filer kit, Brother P-Touch Labeler, and a few home office accessories. This giveaway is worth over $150.00 and we are pleased to give it to one lucky person.


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Throwback Thursday

old school tv

We’ve come a long way from tube televisions. Do you remember the TV your family had as a child?

Window Treatment Wednesday

blindsandswags swags

Swags can be added to your blinds to create an elegant and finished look for your windows. Our custom window treatment program allows you to find the perfect swag for your needs. Contact us for a consultation.