10 Guest Room Must Haves!!


1) Guest Towels – Have a set or two of guest towels readily available in your guest room. I like to also provide small toiletries for my guests. The basic things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and shampoo can be a time saver for your guest.

2) Comfortable Bedding and Plenty of Pillows – Provide your guests with multiple pillows, extra blankets, and high thread count sheets. Although there is no place like home, a nice comfortable bed is the next best thing.

3) Reading Material – Often, our out of town guests may not be able to fall fast asleep or just want to read a local magazine to learn about local attractions. I keep a few books and magazines available.

4) Nightstand – A traditional nightstand or small table near the bed is a great choice for guests. The table can hold the bedside lighting and a place for your guest to sit and charge their cell phone.

5) Small Writing Table or Desk with Chair – Offer your guests a place to sit to use their laptop or write post cards or letters. It’s also a great idea to have a few postage ready post cards for your guests. All they’ll have to do is insert the recipients name and address.

6) Water – Your guests may not want to roam the house and invade the kitchen in the middle of the night. Its a great idea to have bottled water and a few snacks available for your guests.

7) Clock – An easy to see clock is a must for your guests, especially if your guests are from a different time zone.

8) A Place for Luggage / Clothes – Provide our guest with a place to store their luggage and unpack their clothes.

9) TV / Internet – A small television is great for your guests. Consider purchasing a wifi blu-ray player or Roku (media streaming player) in lieu of cable or satellite. Your guests will be able to watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, or other internet services. Consider a small card with your wifi passwords and tv channel settings printed on it.

10) Mirror – A behind the door mirror if perfect if there is no room on your wall for a mirror.

We hope you enjoy these 10 Guest Room Must Haves!!! Check out our Guest Room Tour Here


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