Mirror Mate Monday!!


As you know, one of the easiest and most effective updates you can make to a bathroom is to frame the large, plate glass mirror. MirrorMate frames are a quick and affordable way to transform your mirror. You may chose from over 65 frames. Be creative and have fun. Divine Elements of Design is an authorized MirrorMate retailer and installer in the DFW (Texas) metroplex. We offer the best price including measurements, selections, and professional installations. Because we stand behind this product, we offer our “below retail” cost to our clients. Contact us now to schedule your bathroom mirror transformation. For the DIYer or those not within the DFW metroplex, contact us for to order the frames and have them sent directly to you.

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Throwback Thursday… The Settee


The settee is an ageless beauty. The settee was first found in the 17th century. It was later replaced by the sofa in the 18th century which was wider and deeper. Recently the settee has become more popular as it is smaller and narrower than a regular sofa. Because of its smaller profile, it can easily be used in smaller spaces, such as small living rooms or bedrooms. We absolutely love the settee. This ageless beauty may be updated to reflect your own personal modern or traditional style.

White Dishes / A Great Blank Canvas…


Home Decor Tip: A decorative napkin and table runner can add a kick of color to your white dishes. By purchasing white dishes, you can change your decor often with different napkins and runners. Have fun and be creative.

Your Makeup and Jewelry Should Have a Divine Home

7 drawer jewelry chest

The era of musical jewelry boxes are over. I loved my musical jewelry box as a young girl. Later, I owed a tall stand up wooden jewelry box. It spoke elegance to me and I loved it as well. In a never ending attempt to declutter my home and upgrade, I purchased a modern clear acrylic jewelry organizer to save room. I must admit, I was a little nervous at first about purchasing the acrylic jewelry organizer. I didn’t know if my jewelry would fit and I was concerned about laying my necklaces down. To my surprise, its been several months and I am absolutely in love with it. I began to see woman with acrylic jewelry/makeup organizers everywhere from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to family and friends. I absolutely love the quality of the US Acrylic jewelry organizer. When shopping for a jewelry organizer, make sure that you are getting grade A acrylic and not generic plastic. Plastic will dull and scratch. For more information, you may view the product review I did on the 7 drawer clear acrylic organizer. I loved it so much, Divine Elements of Design now carries the US Acrylic line of jewelry organizers in our  online boutique. You may also view our online product review of this product on our YouTube Channel.

10 Steps to Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

bedroom with artwork

1) Take the extra few minutes to make up your bed every morning. Nothing says a messy room like an unmade bed.
2) Remove all excess papers from on top of your nightstand(s), chest, and drawers.
3) Keep all shoes, belts, purses, and accessories in their assigned space.
4) Spend a few minutes each day maintaining your room. Before you go to bed, pick up and put away all items. It will feel great to wake up in a clean room!!
5) Put your clothes away immediately after taking them off. Put dirty clothes in the hamper and hang up clothes that will be worn again.
6) If you read in your bed, only keep a limited amount of reading material in your room. Multiple books and magazines may appear as clutter.
7) Clean your pillow as often as needed. See the tag for instructions.
8) Instead of having a designated “washing” day, wash more often. Smaller loads are easier to put away. Try to avoid the laundry mound of clothes in your room.
9) If you have to eat or drink in your room (hopefully not), throw away the wrappers, bottled drinks and other items as soon as you are done with them.
10) Only bring items in your room that belong there. Your room is not a resting spot for items.