10 Steps to Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

bedroom with artwork

1) Take the extra few minutes to make up your bed every morning. Nothing says a messy room like an unmade bed.
2) Remove all excess papers from on top of your nightstand(s), chest, and drawers.
3) Keep all shoes, belts, purses, and accessories in their assigned space.
4) Spend a few minutes each day maintaining your room. Before you go to bed, pick up and put away all items. It will feel great to wake up in a clean room!!
5) Put your clothes away immediately after taking them off. Put dirty clothes in the hamper and hang up clothes that will be worn again.
6) If you read in your bed, only keep a limited amount of reading material in your room. Multiple books and magazines may appear as clutter.
7) Clean your pillow as often as needed. See the tag for instructions.
8) Instead of having a designated “washing” day, wash more often. Smaller loads are easier to put away. Try to avoid the laundry mound of clothes in your room.
9) If you have to eat or drink in your room (hopefully not), throw away the wrappers, bottled drinks and other items as soon as you are done with them.
10) Only bring items in your room that belong there. Your room is not a resting spot for items.


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