5 Helpful Ways to Decorate on the Cheap!

Hello, my name is Jenn and I blog at Because… I’m Cheap. I’m so thrilled that Nakeya invited me to share with you all today. I enjoy writing about frugal living ideas, so today I’ll be sharing with you 5 helpful ways to decorate on the cheap.

I love personalizing our home with different accents that reflect our style and also being able to change things up with the season or just whenever the mood strikes. Redecorating can get expensive! If you’re like me, stretching the budget and getting more bang for your buck is important. So I’ve compiled this list of helpful ways to decorate on the cheap.

These tips are great to keep in mind when your decorating budget reaches its max out point or when unexpected expenses pop up. Which always seems to happen for me! Or you can use this list of ideas to help you decorate your first home when your money is tied up with other things.

So without further ado…

5 helpful ways to decorate on the cheap:

  1. Spruce it up. Wood furniture and picture frames can change drastically with just a coat of paint. Cabinets and dressers can be refreshed with new handles and knobs. Total cost: $5 and up.
  2. Shop secondhand. Our local Goodwill has a constant stream of new furniture and accent pieces. I love it because it’s organized and clean. Plus it’s cheap! I’ve found paintings for $3, head boards for $10, end tables for $5 and dressers for $20.
  3. Do It Yourself (DIY). Go a step further than tip #1 and build it yourself. Lumber stores often have free pamphlets with tutorials. Staff are also very helpful for beginners.
  4. Shop scratch and dent. If used or DIY just isn’t your thing, visit an outlet or warehouse store for slightly imperfect items. Even regular department stores discount display models by at least 20% off.
  5. Get it free. If all of the previous tips are too expensive for you, just get it for free. Browse Craigslist and your local paper for free things. I can’t tell you how many pieces of beautiful furniture I’ve seen free for the taking.

As you can see, it is possible to decorate on the cheap. Even just using one of the ideas up above, you can easily save money. I hope these tips inspire you to get a little creative to stretch your budget. With a little ingenuity it doesn’t have to cost a lot to personalize your home.

Which way to decorate on the cheap was your favorite?

If you want to follow along with more frugal living ideas, please stop by my blog BecauseImCheap.com. I’d love to see you there!


11 Strategies for Keeping Your Home Clean!!

home-interiors-2-1234950Picture by FreePik

The struggle is indeed real when it comes to maintaining a clean home. Even with the assistance of occasional help, keeping a home clean takes effort. These 11 strategies have been proven to help. Trust me!! Take the challenge for yourself and let me know how it worked.

1) Wash a small load of clothes each day. Do not let your clothes pile up. A large stack of laundry can be intimidating. Wash only as many clothes as you can comfortably put away at one time.
2) Don’t let your dirty dishes stack up. Wash dishes immediately or place them in the dishwasher after use. If necessary, use paper or plastic disposal dishes.
3) Clean your refrigerator often. Do not let left overs or to go containers take over your refrigerator.
4) Vacuum after you dust.
5) Use a swifter sheet or microfiber cloth to wipe down baseboards, window seals, and other surfaces.
6) Remove clutter, not create more storage space. Please refrain from constantly buying items to hid things.
7) Keep flat surfaces clean. Its easy to drop paper or other items on your coffee table, dresser, kitchen counter, etc..
8) Keep coupons in a clear poly folder in your car. We often have great coupons but accidentally leave them at home.
9) Use your calendar and create a realistic daily routine. Do small projects each day.
10) Return borrowed items immediately. Assign a home for everything.
11) Politely decline unwanted items of friends and family. Limit the amount of items that you bring into your home.

Please share some of the strategies you use to keep your home clean? If you haven’t subscribed to the Decorator’s Voice, please do so to stay updated on interior decorating tips, organizational ideas, and planning & productivity strategies.

Decorating With Trays Can Be Divine!!

Trays are great as anchors for your home’s decor. Trays help define an area and also deters clutter on flat surfaces. Trays can be utilized for multiple uses in many rooms. You can be as creative as your hearts desire. Below are a few examples of how you can decorate with trays in different rooms.

1) Living Room

Use a decorative tray on an ottoman in your living room. Many people are opting against coffee tables but still need a place to rest a cup or remote control. A tray can be a very stylist alternative to a traditional coffee table. You can also accent the tray with accessories or flowers to tie in the room’s decor.


2) Makeup Table / Bathroom Counter

This clear acrylic tray is simply divine. You can keep all of your makeup and beauty items in an equally beautiful tray. Its beautiful enough to be placed on your vanity table or bathroom counter.


3. Coffee / Tea Station

Keep all of your coffee and hot tea items together on a tray. Its large enough to hold your coffee maker, cup, sugar, and other items needed for that perfect cup of Joe or Earl Grey.


4. Guest Room

I love to welcome my overnight guests with a box of chocolate and bottle water in the guest room. Often, out of towners may get thirsty in the middle of the night, but don’t want to raid your kitchen or wake you up. In addition to a “welcome packet,” I make sure to leave a new bottle of water on a bedroom themed tray.


 5) Bedroom Dresser Tray

A bedroom’s dresser is often cluttered with keys, mail, money, receipts, and items from a person’s pocket and/or purse. We tend to use flat surfaces such as dressers and night stands as a quick spot to “temporarily” place items. Often, these flat surfaces are easy to become over cluttered. Try placing a tray on your dresser or nightstand to collect items. The tray will keep all items together and limit the amount of items placed on it.


For more decorating and organization tips, please subscribe to this blog. Also visit our main website for information concerning our many products, services, and to visit our online boutique.

Please comment and share other ideas on how you decorate with trays.


Always Use A Rug Pad

rug pad

Flooring Tip Friday… Always use a rug pad. Rug pads protect your floors from scratches and also prevent injury by keeping the rug still. Rug pads come in multiple sizes and may be cut for your custom rug. For additional information concerning the benefits of rug pads, contract one of our Certified Interior Decorators. www.divineelementsofdesign.net

Window Treatment Wednesday

Soft Roman

Custom Roman Shades are an excellent alternative to metal or wood blinds. You may also add a valance, cornice board, or panels to complete the look. Have fun and be creative.

For information concerning our custom window treatment program, visit us at http://www.divineelementsofdesign.net

Flooring Tip (Eco-Friendly) Friday

Bamboo FlooringBamboo is an eco-friendly flooring option. It is just as beautiful as tradition wood flooring which takes 20  – 110 years to mature. Bamboo only takes 3 – 6 years to mature. Bamboo does not need to be replanted. The same bamboo grass will continue to grow and can be used for multiple flooring projects. Bamboo floors require the same treatment and cleaning as traditional wood floors. If going green or having an alternative flooring source is important, consider bamboo flooring. For additional information concerning the benefits of bamboo or for samples, please visit us at http://www.divineelementsofdesign.net or email us at info@divineelementsofdesign.com

Window Treatment Wednesday

Our Panels and Pillows program is an excellent way to coordinate your window treatments with you decorative pillows. You can also change your panels and pillows to create a instant transformation for a new look without having to paint or purchase new furniture.

Coordinating panels and pillows can create an instant room transformation.

Coordinating panels and pillows can create an instant room transformation.


Flooring Tip Friday

new floor

Don’t forget to protect your wood floors after staining. Stain is not a protective finish — it only adds color or tone to the wood. Applying another layer of protective coating or polyurethane will protect your investment in the long run.

Window Treatment Tip Wednesday


A rod mounted valance or swag is an excellent way to frame your window and/or blinds. Divine Elements of Design has an excellent custom window treatment program. Contact us to schedule an in-home window treatment consultation.

Mirror Mate Monday!!


As you know, one of the easiest and most effective updates you can make to a bathroom is to frame the large, plate glass mirror. MirrorMate frames are a quick and affordable way to transform your mirror. You may chose from over 65 frames. Be creative and have fun. Divine Elements of Design is an authorized MirrorMate retailer and installer in the DFW (Texas) metroplex. We offer the best price including measurements, selections, and professional installations. Because we stand behind this product, we offer our “below retail” cost to our clients. Contact us now to schedule your bathroom mirror transformation. For the DIYer or those not within the DFW metroplex, contact us for to order the frames and have them sent directly to you.

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