5 Helpful Ways to Decorate on the Cheap!

Hello, my name is Jenn and I blog at Because… I’m Cheap. I’m so thrilled that Nakeya invited me to share with you all today. I enjoy writing about frugal living ideas, so today I’ll be sharing with you 5 helpful ways to decorate on the cheap.

I love personalizing our home with different accents that reflect our style and also being able to change things up with the season or just whenever the mood strikes. Redecorating can get expensive! If you’re like me, stretching the budget and getting more bang for your buck is important. So I’ve compiled this list of helpful ways to decorate on the cheap.

These tips are great to keep in mind when your decorating budget reaches its max out point or when unexpected expenses pop up. Which always seems to happen for me! Or you can use this list of ideas to help you decorate your first home when your money is tied up with other things.

So without further ado…

5 helpful ways to decorate on the cheap:

  1. Spruce it up. Wood furniture and picture frames can change drastically with just a coat of paint. Cabinets and dressers can be refreshed with new handles and knobs. Total cost: $5 and up.
  2. Shop secondhand. Our local Goodwill has a constant stream of new furniture and accent pieces. I love it because it’s organized and clean. Plus it’s cheap! I’ve found paintings for $3, head boards for $10, end tables for $5 and dressers for $20.
  3. Do It Yourself (DIY). Go a step further than tip #1 and build it yourself. Lumber stores often have free pamphlets with tutorials. Staff are also very helpful for beginners.
  4. Shop scratch and dent. If used or DIY just isn’t your thing, visit an outlet or warehouse store for slightly imperfect items. Even regular department stores discount display models by at least 20% off.
  5. Get it free. If all of the previous tips are too expensive for you, just get it for free. Browse Craigslist and your local paper for free things. I can’t tell you how many pieces of beautiful furniture I’ve seen free for the taking.

As you can see, it is possible to decorate on the cheap. Even just using one of the ideas up above, you can easily save money. I hope these tips inspire you to get a little creative to stretch your budget. With a little ingenuity it doesn’t have to cost a lot to personalize your home.

Which way to decorate on the cheap was your favorite?

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