5 Things to Do Before You Leave Work to Have a Better Work Day Tomorrow

Many people often run out of their office door when the clock strikes 5:00 p.m. They often leave behind papers, files, and incomplete projects on their disorganized and cluttered desk. They return to work on the next morning to the same mess on their desk. This can cause the feelings of dissatisfaction and work “Groundhog Day” syndrome. Take five minutes to do the following 5 things before leaving your office each day.

5 Things to Do Before You Leave Work to Have a Better Work Day Tomorrow Divine Elements of Design Decorators Voice

  1. Get rid of all of the Post It (sticky) notes. Throughout the day, we often take a million notes on our Post Its to remind ourselves to call someone, follow-up on something, do something, etc…  We post them on our desk, calendar, file cabinet, or anywhere we can find a semi-clear surface. At the end of the day, go through all of the notes and throw away the ones you’ve already addressed. If there are things you need to do tomorrow, use the information on the notes to make a to-do list for tomorrow. You can also eliminate the use of multiple sticky notes by taking notes in a notebook. You can cross off of put a check besides each task after they are completed.
  2. Remove all of the trash and clutter from your desk. Throw away all gum wrappers, receipts from lunch containers, salt and pepper packets from your work space. Don’t forget to put used paper and water bottles in the recycle container. Don’t leave you desk filed with papers and rubbish scattered around.
  3. Make a list of the things you need to do tomorrow. Determine which things are the absolute top three things you need to accomplish tomorrow. If possible, plan on doing the hardest thing first. Mark Twain said ” Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” By getting the toughest task completed first, everything else will be easy peasy.
  4. Use folders for excess papers on your desk. Fellow blogger Nikki from At Home With Nikki, recommends using folders and binder clips to neatly organize papers on your desk. Try to eliminate loose papers floating around on your desk. When you arrive to work tomorrow, it will not look overwhelming. You will have each task or project binder clipped in a folder ready for you to tackle.
  5. Clean your keyboard, mouse, and phone with an anti bacterial wipe. Our office equipment may carry germs from daily use. Everything we have touched from shaking co-workers hands, our lunch, and the restroom door knobs all in our office. When you arrive to work for your next shift, your keyboard, mouse, and phone will be fresh and ready to use if you disinfect them properly.

I hope you are able to use these tips. Please share, in the comments section, some of the things you do to have a better work day tomorrow. Also, don’t forget to read our post 7 Things to do Tonight for a Successful Tomorrow. For additional planning & productivity strategies, home decor tips, and organizational ideas follow our blog, The Decorator’s Voice. You may also visit our main page, Divine Elements of Design to learn more about our decorating and organizational services or to visit our Online Boutique. Thank you and have a Divine Day!!!

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