How to Keep Your Sofa Toss Pillows Looking Fabulous When You Have Kids or Pets


Lets face it…. Our sofa pillows have a tremendous responsibility. In addition to providing style and function in our divine spaces, they are often used as tools of war during children’s pillow fights, a chew toy for our fur babies, and a napkin for a sloppy spouse. So how do we keep them looking “company ready” at all times..? Hum… I will share a few tips with you…

Buy Doubles: As simple as it may sound, just buy two sets of pillows for the sofa. One inexpensive set for everyday use and one set to be used only on special occasions or when you have company. If you would love to buy pillows with beautiful bead work, but afraid they will not hold up to day-to-day wear and tear, don’t let that stop you!!! Purchase the pillows that are calling your name (and wallet) and only display them on special occasions or when you have company. They will look fabulous and fresh at all times… When your company departs, simply replace them with your everyday pillows that your 9-year-old rests his head on when watching The Thundermans on DVR every night.

Use Pillow Covers: You can always chose to only purchase pillows which contain pillow covers. This allows you to wash or dry clean the pillow covers when needed. You can always wash the covers and replace the filling with a quality foam or down material. This will extend the durability of the pillows and allow for a longer life.

Remove From the Sofa Completely: Who says you need to have toss pillows on your sofa everyday. I don’t think you will be breaking one of Martha Stewart’s basic home decor rules if you omitted pillows completely. Your home, your rules.

I know these tips may seem simply, but sometimes we forget some of the basic things we can do to make our lives (or decorating) easy. Please like this post if you found the information useful. Also, I would love to hear some of the tips you use to keep your home looking “company ready” at all times. Please leave your comments below.

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