How to Turn Your Regular TV into a Smart TV

It’s almost impossible to keep up with technology. Each week there are newer and better things being released. (I heard from a friend of a friend of a cousin, the iPhone 27 plus will be released on Black Friday 2015…) Although the cost of smart TVs have dropped, many people are not in need of them due to having recently just purchased a “regular” TV.


Having smart TVs can actually allow you to save money… Yes, you can actually use your smart TV to save money by getting rid of your monthly cable bill. Using your home’s current Wi-Fi, you can access multiple channels such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Vudu, Fox Now, Amazon, Veno, and many others on your regular TB. Some channels are free, while others may require a minimum monthly subscription. You don’t have to pay for every channel, you can sign up for only the ones you and your family will use. In my household, we only pay for Netflix and Hulu Plus. (Hulu Plus has current shows that are in season, while Netflix has older shows which are out of season. They both have movies.)

There are multiple media streaming devices to pick from such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV Media Player, and many more. From starting at approximately $50.00, these small devices can plug into the back or side of your TV using an HDMI input. Some devices come with a free trial revision of premium channels. I personally use a Roku 2 to transform an inexpensive small 18 inch TV in my home office and master bathroom into a smart TV. Using a Roku mount, I was able to mount the Roku on the wall behind the TV.



The Roku 2 is a great option of the many Rokus because it is affordable and has a lighting fast processor. You can also connect your tablet or cell phone to the Roku to share pictures or video on the TV. Netflix is only a touch of a button away. It is one of the four featured channels on the remote control.


Roku 2 $69.00


Total Mount – Roku Mounting System $13.50

A Blu-ray player with wifi is also an excellent option for turning a TV into a smart TV and being able to play Blu-Rays and DVDs.


Sony BDPS3500 Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi $80.99

Check out my YouTube video to see first hand how I transformed a regular TV into a smart TV. 

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