Window Treatment Wednesday



Use Top Down Bottom Up roman shades in the bathroom for privacy.


Quick Kitchen Fix-Up



Add a built in soap dispenser to your counter top. This is an easy install. If you have a stone counter top, you will most likely have to hire a contractor to cut the hole for you, but after that, you can really install this yourself and hide that dishwashing soap bottle for good. 

Money Saving Tip

Thermal Drapes

Use Thermal Drapes, which can also block out light. These aren’t just for people who work the night shift and need to sleep during the day. Windows are the number one source of energy loss. These drapes are perfect for keeping the house cool during the very hot summer months and warm days during the winter and make your a/c or heater more efficient. Don’t worry, they aren’t ugly, actually Divine Elements of Design offers custom drapes in different styles for your home at a reasonable price. Contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom.